Five people whose broken lives could so easily have ended in tragedy each have a supernatural encounter which transforms them and changes the course of their lives. A powerful and gripping docufilm which will encourage, challenge and inspire.


In Collaboration with:

1 GCS 
2 Vision Tv Online 
3 Kingdom Kid
4.Abbey Road Baptist Church

1 Eunice T Lindsay
2 Tony Anthony
3 Neil Obbard
4 Beresford Brown
5 Brent Morgan


1 Michelle Macadangdang
2 Madison Brooke Macadangdang
3 David Macadangdang
4 April Begie Mae Rodrigo
5 Douglas Minei
6 Arlindo Peti
7 Alexis Millares
8 Frances Noriega
9 Adrian Harbour
10 Phyllis Sannoh
11.Paul McNeilly 
1 Mahshid Jaddam Abdollahi
2 Miranda Sannoh 
3 Chantelle Gasa
4 Tendai Gasa
5 Andrew Morrison 
6 Shireen Morrison 
7 Maryam Narmani

Camera person:
1 Eunice Lindsay
2 Andrew Morrison 

Script Translator:
Adeline Gooi

Project Manager & Narrator:
Sidney Shepherd

Director & producer
Eunice Lindsay

Author & finisher of our faith
Jesus Christ